Professional Photographer Curtis Comeau is based in Edmonton Alberta and Vancouver Canada and specializes in Commercial, Editorial and Industrial photography.

Edmonton Photographers

Curtis Comeau collaborates with an excellent team of assistants, make up artists and stylists to excel in his discipline. Edmonton is often overlooked as a great source for photographic talent. Unique architecture and landscapes offer great opportunities for a wide range of themes and concepts.

Edmonton Photography

In the City of Edmonton there are several national and international Industrial campaigns being photographed. You can see some of them in Curtis Industrial photography portfolios. There several very talented advertising agencies and graphic design firms which are putting out fantastic creative in this field. The commercial and advertising sectors are diverse. Although far from a fashion mecca, Edmonton does offer a small niche market of Fashion shooting. The economic down turn has not been drastic here in Edmonton Alberta, which provides a constant level of comfort for the Edmonton Photographer.

Key aspects that would separate Curtis Comeau from another Edmonton Photographer would be:

(1) Formal photographic training from SPEOS institute of photographic arts in Paris France.
(2) Diverse portfolios. Curtis Comeau is not a "do it all photographer" - but his work is diverse. Shooting for a client base such as Readers Digest, Elizabeth Arden, Nike Vision and Safeway Canada, Canadian Olympic Taekwondo Team and several ministries of tourism.
(3) Creative Team Work. Several photographers seem to think they are the be all end all of a project. Curtis considers himself part of the creative process, not the sole provider of it.

This blog: will show you some updated projects from Curtis Comeau's work in Edmonton Alberta and Vancouver BC.

To be successful in this business - you have to be dedicated and very, very proficient at the commissions you have been given.

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