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10832 61 Ave NW - Edmonton - Alberta - T6H 1M1 - 780.907.8678
Unit 404 - 921 Thurlow St. - Vancouver - British Columbia - V6E 1W3 - 604.764.8598

Edmonton Photographer

Edmonton Photographer Curtis Comeau is based in Edmonton Alberta and Vancouver Canada and specializes in Commercial, Portrait, Editorial, Interior, Travel and Industrial Edmonton photography.

Curtis Comeau collaborates with an excellent team of talented Edmonton Photographers natives to produce wonderful photographs. Specializing in commercial photography like Interior, Travel in the Edmonton area. Edmonton Professional Photographer Curtis Comeau has photographed various assignments for Getty Images, several large advertising agencies and a multitude of editorial clients.

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Surprisingly the City of Edmonton claims host to several national and international Industrial campaigns. Curtis Comeau has been at the forefront of many of these photographic commissions. He also photographs various jobs for the City of Edmonton communications department

He has also been the official portrait photographer for Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel. As an Edmonton Photographer Cutis Comeau is one of the top players in the city. However don't just believe these words, browse his portfolios in his website to see the his Edmonton Photography contracts.

A Different Edmonton Photographer

Key aspects that would separate Curtis Comeau from another Edmonton Photographer would be:

1. He has a fully functioning photography studio in Edmonton Alberta

2. His experience is almost unsurpassed in the City of Edmonton.

3. His equipment list includes Digital Medium Format

This blog: will show you some current work from his work in Edmonton Alberta and Vancouver BC.

Edmonton Photographer Curtis Comeau

Edmonton Photographer photographs Edmonton Mayor Steven Mandel

Edmonton Photographer photographed the 3 re election campaign for Edmonton Mayor Steven Mandel. The series was shot in black and white and ran in vertical billboard campaigns across the city. His work for this campaign received acclaim amongst several key advertising individuals in Edmonton Alberta. It was refreshing to see an Edmonton Photographer produce a unique image for an election campaign.

Stephen Mandel went on to a landslide victory to secure his third term as the Edmonton Mayor. Although this was expected, it was a pleasure to see that Mandel's election team choose to run with such a unique image from the Edmonton Photographer for the re-election campaign.