UofA Faculty of ARTS – Music recruitment ADs

JOB: To photograph a series of recruitment images for the Faculty of Music


1. We wanted to keep the images natural and feel very real. So I decided not to over light the shoot.

2. I love working with musicians… They are passionate people and really give you everything they can on a photo shoot.

3. I shot a large group shot for this series… which is always a pain for a photographer. To come up with an image that has both symmetry and work for everyone… I debated how to light it… but decided to go with a mix of strobe and stage lighting.

4. We shot also shot alot of this series in actual classes as well.

5. The last sequence was us shooting a couple disciplines on stage… Singing and Conducting. I really had to force myself to NOT over light this and keep the reportage style while staying true to my commercial feel… I like the final results.

OIL SANDS Ariel photographs

JOB: To photograph a series of Ariels of the Alberta Oil Sands in Fort McMurray for WBEA over the course of the year.


Fort McMurray AB


1. I shoot a lot of Ariels. Despite this fact I always need gravol to get through the flight.

2. One series alone took over 5 hrs to complete. At a cost of $2400/hr for helicopter rental you can imagine what the final budget would have been. I prefer to shoot ariels from a helicopter as opposed to a Fixed wing mainly because the pilot has so much better control in a chopper…

syncrude from the air

3. In all series we visited 6 of the major oil sands sights. I typically shot each site for about 30mins.

4. What makes me most nervous about flying in a helicopter is the thought “what if the pilot has a heart attack?”. My buddy captain Jacob told me he could teach me how to fly in about 20 mins… but I would be screwed in a helicopter…

5. This past summer one shoot actually took us 2 days.  We ended up being grounded on the first day because of low ceilings… we had to basically hang out and once the weather cleared up the following day we decided to go up.

syncrude sulpher pyramid

Sag D site husky oil


Suncor oilsands project

Food Photography – Burgers from Hudsons Tap House, The Burg, Delux, Central and RND1

JOB: Here are images from several different commercial and editorial commissions to shoot Burgers from certain restaurants.

Delux Burger Bar

1. Delux Burger Bar… We shot this on white to make a statement and show each ingredient  featured.

Central Social Hall

2. Central Social hall… The art director here took a different approach, we wanted to see the burger in its environment.

3. The Burg was shot for a magazine food feature. My only constraint was that the magazine is almost a square format so I needed to shoot vertical and give plenty of space for my art director.


4. The burger at RND1 sports bar shot for their advertising. I love this shot because the art director wanted me to shoot so tight that only the ingredients show…

5. At Hudson’s Tap House we shot this for their menus and shot it from above a bit because we just wanted to shot the massive amount of food you get… The presentation

and “cup” of fries was also important.


Delux Burger Bar




Hudsons Tap House



ACTOR Jason Thompson from General Hospital

JOB – To photograph Actor Jason Thompson in Los Angeles CA for an Editorial Piece


1. Jason is a fantastic person, I met him the day before the shoot to go over style and look for the shoot. Although Jason is a long time actor on the General Hospital its only a part of his life so we decided on shooting him all around “town” if you will.

2. The magazine wanted him on set, so we shot a few sequences here. We needed to be quick so we knock
ed this out in around 20mins…

3. Next I jumped in Jason’s vintage truck and shot him driving on his way back home. I love this sequence.

4. Then we spent about an hour and shot Jason at his home overlooking the Hollywood hills.

5.  Finally he jumped on his motor bike and we went for a drive where we stopped on the side of the road and shot a quick sequence.

6. Jason was great to work with. He gave us the whole day to shoot if we needed it. Although we only ended up shooting for 4hrs total.


Instagram – Replacing the blog

Hey Everyone,

So if any of you have read my blog you will notice that my posting frequency is quite irregular. We often shoot 5-9 shoots a week. With post production, travel etc its alot to handle so often Blog posts falls behind.  Because of this I noticed that I only post about 1% of my jobs on here and I really don’t have a chance to connect with anyone via the blog.


So I have decided Instagram is the best tool for me to share, communicate and keep people up to date as to what is going on in my photography life. I also prefer Instagram because; One I can see what other people are up to. Two I can make new friends and Three I can gain inspiration for upcoming shoots.

The other day I had a food shoot for a National Magazine and I literally gained the inspiration for my image from a food post someone did at a restaurant.


If you want to see whats new with me shooting wise follow me in Instagram. – curtiscomeauphoto

I will keep posting on my blog but it will most likely bee a monthly recap of whats been going on.

Thanks for visiting.