Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 3 of 40 – Christine Dewitt

Subject – Christine Dewitt, Associate Lawyer at Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP

Christine Dewiit _2_resize

Shoot Notes –

1. The location “Kiss of Death” for an editorial shoot is always an office board room… but the “Kiss from an Angel” when your subjects has a theater or improv background.

2. When it came to shooting in Christine in her office board room normally I would have said no and we would have chosen a place a little more visually interesting. BUT  in my research I discovered Christine has a performing background so I felt confident she could bring life and energy to a boring office board room.

3. When we were setting up I knew right away Christine wasn’t a “stiff lawyer” so I went straight into asking her to get right up on the table. She agreed right away and gave me fantastic smiles conveying the energy I was hoping to get

4. The AD liked what we did and the narrative of the image so we didn’t do a second option.

5. I loved what she was wearing so again I elected to shoot wide and use the reflection on the table to enhance the image.

6. This shoot took 30mins.

Christine Dewiit _2_resize



Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 2 of 40 – Dan Davidson

Dan Davidson _2_resize

SUBJECT – Dan Davidson – Musician Tupelo Honey, Hive Productions

Shoot Notes –

1. Dan is a singer and a music producer. I don’t shoot bands or album covers… I just don’t get that “band” or “musician” style of shooting… So when I selected Dan I was a little nervous to shoot with him.

2. In our conversation we settled on shooting in a recording studio he was at the day we had scheduled. I have never been in a recording studio but was thinking I may photograph him by a mic or something but I kinda stressed about it the night before.

3. I get to the studio and they have this massive awesome AMP collection… Over 30 amps…. and I’m like dude you never mentioned you had all of these!

4. So the AD and myself built a wall of amps to shoot him on. AMPs are very heavy btw.

5. I basically just told Dan go get up on there and he did his thing… I gave him zero direction.

6. We knocked this out in about 40mins in and out.


Dan Davidson _1_resize





2014 Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 1 of 40 – Ashlyn Bernier

JOB – When I got the call for the second year in a row to shoot 20 of the Top 40 people selected for the 2014 Avenue Top 40 under 40 I was excited.

Usually magazines have people come to a studio to shoot because its easier. But then the images have zero environmental narrative.

The AD for avenue wanted location portraits for everyone because the location can tell so much about a person and it can make 40 pictures look much more interesting.

But shooting 40 portraits in 40 environments means its much more challenging for the photograph(s)

My colleague who shoots 20 of the 40 chooses to spread his sessions over a month. I choose to shoot all of mine in a week.

Scheduling 20 over achievers in the period of a week is a feat in itself. But to make it happen I schedule 2hr shoots. That time includes load in, set up, shoot, tear down and de-load. There is zero room for error. Kev and I prep beforehand and come focused and ready for work.

Ashlyn Bernier  (1)_resize

SUBJECT – Ashlyn Bernier – Venture Mentoring Service UofA


1. We shot Ashlyn outside the U of A Old Arts building because of her connection to the University. Its a common wedding photo location so I was VERY conscious to ensure her photos did not look like bridal pics.

2. I loved her outfits so I wanted to shoot  little wider to show her style, however one image of her against a wall of vines I shot a little tighter.

3. The vine image was never used, but was one of my favorites.

4. The shoot took about 45mins all in and we used a couple lights on both setups.

Ashlyn Bernier  (2)_resize

Noralta Lodge, Supporting Athletes.

JOB: To photograph a series of ADs for Noralta lodge who are supporting athletes by providing them lodging during summer games in Northern Alberta.

Noralata lodge_3
Noralata lodge_4
Noralata lodge_1
Noralata lodge_2


  1. The creative was to have the employees “helping” out the athletes by “supporting” their sports.
  2. Obvious to make it believable we needed to source actual athletes to perform the actions.
  3. This was shot during the heart of winter so outside shooting wasn’t an option so we needed to source indoor locations.
  4. The shoot itself was all shot as is with the exception of the swimmer. We shot him diving of actual platforms and then shot a second slate of the employee acting as a platform.
  5. On the diving shot originally we had planned to use a female employee but I didn’t feel like a male jumping off the back of a female would send the right message. So we changed her for a guy.

AVENUE Best Restaurants Issue 2015

JOB – To photograph over 12 restaurants for the Best Restaurants issue for Avenue Magazine

Bar Bricco


1. Shooting food isn’t easy especially when you’re shooting Korean, French and Sandwiches all in the same day.

2. Our AD wanted the shoot to feel fine artish.

3. I wanted the images from each shoot to have its own unique feel.

4. I also needed to get a restaurant shot from each place. To do this I focused on something unique about each space.

5. I always enjoy shooting the food issue for Avenue. Its face paced, takes alot of organization and its alot of hard work, but very rewarding in the end.


Lee House


The Marc


Tres Carnales

Tres Carnales

Rostizado – Best New