Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 8 of 20 – Robin Mazumder

Subject – Robin Mazumder, Occupational Therapist, Alberta Health Services; Sessional Instructor, MacEwan University


Cover of the Magazine


Shoot Notes –

1. Robin was the last subject I shot for my 20 of 40 portraits.

2. He was a very nice guy and well dressed… especially for a 730am arrival time.

3. We photographed Robin at a public library… I wasn’t a fan of the location although in theory it sounded good in pre planning. We needed a cover option and the only real architectural feature that worked well as a background was a large pillar… but it have me zero room on the sides of him so I had to shoot tight.

4. Robin was actually chosen as the cover for the 2014 Top 40 under 40 issue. It wasn’t pre planned but just worked out that way. The bottom image was never used… but it shows the pillar I used as a background.

5. We shot the cover and insert in 50mins.

Robin Mazumder (2)_resize

Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 7 of 20 – Tiffany Linke-Boyko

Subject: Tiffany Linke-Boyko, Chief Operating Officer, Startup Edmonton

Tiffany Linke Boyko (1)_resize

Shoot Notes:

1. Even though I am showing Tiffany as 6 of my 20 she was one of the last subjects I photographed.

2. We photographed her in a very cool communal start up space that had that vintage brick look to it. It was a beautiful space but I photographed another writer there for the same story earlier in the week. So I had to choose a different background for Tiffany.

3. I rolled out this massive black iron door to shoot against because it provided a nice contrast to her teal shirt.

4. We shot her images in 30 mins.

Tiffany Linke Boyko (2)_resize


Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 6 of 40 – David Jones

Subject – David Jones, Sergeant, Edmonton Police Service (works with children and victims of crime and abuse)

Sample Process (12)_resize

Shoot Notes –

1. There are some people you photograph that make you (unintentionally question what you do for a living and what you contribute to the community). David is one of those people. He helps children who are victims of abuse… And I simply take photographs… Its an honor to photograph real heroes like him.

2. I wanted to shoot David in his uniform. He initially wasn’t sure of the idea because he do sent wear it all that often. But I pushed hard (which I normally don’t do) because I knew I wanted that air of authority, protection and awesomeness and the uniform communicated that.

3. When shooting a police officer they carry guns.. so I needed to be aware when photographing him that I wasn’t really showing that off but I didn’t want to hide it either… Which is why he is facing the way he is.

4. David works with project Zebra that is a Child Protective Center. When you walk in there is this GIANT painting of a Zebra. As soon as I saw it I was like “this is where we are shooting, it may not make sense, but trust me”

5. We shot this in 45mins.


Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 5 of 40 – Chris Henderson

Subject – Chris Henderson, Consultant – Calder Bateman Communications

Chris Henderson_resize

Shoot Notes

1. I have known Chris though his work on the recent election campaign for YEG Mayor Don Iveson. I shot Mayor Iveson’s portraits for the campaign and Chris was activly involved in the shoot so I was looking forward to photograph Chris.

2. The bottom image was never used but I still like it.

3. We shot at 8am which is a god forsaken hour to start at… but unfortunately it was the only time what worked for both of our crazy schedules.

4. The location we shot had the perfect narrative given the fact that Chris was instrumental in getting the Mayor elected. The triangle you see in the background is  YEG city hall

5. We shot for about 50mins.



Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 4 of 40 – Narmin Hassan Clarke

Subject – Narmin Hassan Clarke, Communications Advisor, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Narmin Hassan Clarke_1_resize

Shoot Notes –

1. Finding a location for Narmin who works in communications for the RCMP was a real challenge. We couldn’t get into the RCMP headquarters to photograph so we went back and fourth trying to find a place.

2. In our discussion I discovered she was very kind and mild mannered. So I said to her… “do you like cafes?” She seemed so gentile and down to earth That I saw her in a laid back setting like a cafe as opposed to an office or a hard environment.

3. Her personality in my opinion goes perfect with the location.

4. The bottom file was a no go. I shot 3 frames and axed it because I felt she looked like an owner of the Cafe instead of just using the environment to have a subtle narrative.

5. We shot for about 50mins… Because the first shot (bottom) didn’t work.


Narmin Hassan Clarke_2_resize