JASON GREGOR – What its like shooting a horse and a radio host…

JOB – To photograph some spoof ads inspired by Cavalia of TSN Radio host Jason Gregor of “The Jason Gregor Show”

The final image


1. Have been shooting for Jason for the past decade. Being familiar with a subject is both good and bad. The Good is because you are familiar with each other and each party knows what to expect on a shoot. The Bad comes with the fact that you are familiar with each other. At times things can get a little too laid back and result less than professional results. I am lucky Jason is a pro and is always ready to work.

2. The most important element to this shoot was that the horse HAD to be White. Like the ones on the Cavalia ADs. We found one at an equestrian riding school in Edmonton Alberta.

3. I can tell you from past experience shooting horses with large lights is never a good idea. Horses get spooked easily. So I elected to use small reflectors on my lights and keep them compact as possible. There was also a lengthy process of bringing the lights into the pen, setting them up and letting the horse get used to them before shooting.

4. Jason grew up on a farm. (He still has a farm) So he was comfortable around horses and knew how to ride bare back, however I needed the horse to stay in one spot for my lighting. The only way to do this was to have its rider HOLD the horse in place and remove the rider from the image in post production.

the RAW shot

5. I remember thinking, If this horse goes crazy because of my lights and kills Gregor, thank god I have 2 million in liability insurance.


Douglas Muller – Dean of Medicine – UofA

JOB – To photograph UofA Dean of Medicine Douglas Miller for the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine PR and Marketing Materials


1. Client wanted an environmental portrait of Dean Miller as well as some clinical images with the Dean and a student.

2. The Dean is very busy so I had basically 30 mins to shoot this series. To accomplish this in the allotted time I had 2 lighting setups. We just escorted the Dean from Set to Set.

3. I choose to shoot the dean with the student first in an effort to loosen him up for the portraits. I think it worked. It was more of a lifestyle shot so I shot it long lens. Canon 200mm 2.0 on the 1DX.

4. Lucky for me the Dean is an American, and they still wear lab coats in the US. So the Dean had no problem wearing a Lab coat in the photographs. I am still a fan of lab coats on Doctors. I don’t think Lab coats make a doctor but it adds professionalism to the profession.

5. If I can offer an analogy. My friend Capitan Jacob is a pilot for Westjet. He’s an excellent pilot. I can say this because Capitan Jacob hasn’t crashed a plane yet. But I don’t see Capitan Jacob as a pilot. I see Capitan Jacob as my buddy who knows an assload about computers. However when I fly Westjet and happen to be on a Capitan Jacob flight he is in his pilots clothing he appears much more professional.  However if Capitan Jacob simply showed up to fly the plane in his everyday clothing…. Passengers myself included would feel uneasy. Same thing with doctors and lab coats.


Bob Walker LEDCOR

JOB – Portraits for Alberta Contractor of the Year (2012) Bob Walker for LEDCOR for Alberta Venture Magazine.

This was the opening shot for the Bob Walker, Construction Person of the Year for Alberta Venture


1. We photographed Bob at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The AGA is a great place to shoot in Edmonton Alberta, but it’s used a lot. So one has to be careful about having the images look the same.

2. The shoot took about 40 mins. Bob is very busy so we needed to be quick.

3. Art director Ryan Girard knew exactly what he wanted so we didn’t spend a lot of time shooting once we had the shot.

4. Options are always important. So we shot a few in two locations. I pre-set up lights in both so we simply moved between both locations with Bob.

5. The shots are horizontal because the format doe print was going to be a double page spread… I also needed to ensure that there was negative space for text.

The second location shot for the magazine

Martin Brodeur – New Jersey Devils

JOB: To photograph NHL goaltender of the New Jersey Devils, Martin Brodeur for the Sherwood Hockey 2013  goalie stick campaign.


1. The shoot took place at the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey.

2. The main issue I faced was when I arrived I was told because of the NHL Lockout we were not allowed to shoot Marty on the main ice. Only in the practice facility.

3. We had Marty in full gear for about 30 mins after a practice. So I had to move fast.

4.  I photographed Marty in the hallway leading to the rink, another hallway leading to the dressing room and then a series on the ice.

5.  In the past 14 years of shooting I have never really been “star struck” if you will. With the exception of this shoot. I have been playing goal in Hockey since I was in my youth. Had I met Marty in street clothes it wouldn’t have been a big deal. But at one point I was lying on the ice shooting up at Marty, and telling him what kind of saves I wanted him to make and he was doing everything I asked. I thought to myself “Holy shit, Brodeur is doing everything I asked on ice.” It was surreal.

6. Marty was wonderful to work with and was a fantastic subject.




Alexandra Couseau – Portrait Washington DC

JOB: To photograph Explorer, Filmmaker and conservationist Alexandra Cousteau who is the granddaughter of world famous French explorer and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau down by the river bank at Theodore Roosevelt Island


1. Alexandra travels from Germany to Washington DC for work, but connecting with her was a bit of a challenge. We ended up agreeing to shoot in Washington DC on a date when she was in town.

2. I have worked in DC several times so I knew I wanted to shoot Alexandra down by Theodore Roosevelt Island down by the water. http://www.nps.gov/this/index.htm

3. Alexandra gave me as much time as I needed but we ended up doing the shoot in about 45 mins. The only issue was the humidity. We shot this in July and mid summer heat and humidity was stifling.

4. She was such a charm to work with, absolutely stunning and a wonderful conversationalist.

5. I ended up shooting her with the elinchrom quadras with a large soft box. Pretty simple.


Alexandra Cousteau on rocks at the river bank at Theodore Roosevelt Island