Dr. Nigel Flook… Probably the best last name anyone could ever ask for…

JOB: To photograph Doctor Nigel Flook for Canadian Family Physician magazine.


1. I end up shooting a lot for the AMA and CMA… So I am comfortable shooting doctors in their environments. I quite enjoy it actually. They key is to be a fly on the wall when shooting… be patient and allow the action to unfold in front of you.

2. For this shoot I wanted to keep the tone loose and natural, kind of like what you would see in those old LIFE magazines (but in color)… these are clean files as you can see by the dust speck above the docs head in the first image 🙂

3. This shoot would not have been possible without the Canon 1DX and its high ISO to quality ratio. I shoot the whole job about 800 ISO with no additional lighting… so I had to use prime lenses to ensure the best quality under the difficult lighting.

4. Docs spend a lot of time at a desk… so to give some visual narrative to the mentorship part of the story I had Dr.Flook interact with two other doctors around the clinic… In fact the young man in the photograph with him was his son.

5. The surgery shot was simple luck. The patient agreed to be shot so long as I didn’t see her face. I have no idea what the surgery was for. I’m not good with blood so as soon as I had my shot I was out of there.