NHL Goalie Reto Berra of the Colorado Avalanche

JOB: To photograph Reto Berra of the Colorado Avalanche for Sherwood Hockey


I wanted the viewer to see Reto from the view of the puck.


1. I have shot a lot of NHL hockey players in the past so working with Reto wasn’t stressful at all. He is also a very laid back guy so the shoot was made easier by that.

2. I still play hockey (Goalie) to this day, and often times while I am playing I think to myself “oh shit this would be a great photograph”. Its usually right about then that the other ream scores on me.

3. The only challenge to this shoot is that for the hour before Reto was on the ice working with his goalie coach Fran├žois Allaire. So he was a little tired after his practice.

4. I needed to work fast with Kevan to ensure we didn’t “lose” Reto because he would be too tired. To get Reto to do what I needed I made sure to include him in the process… So I kept showing him work.

5. I shot 5 scenarios in just under 40mins on ice… then shot about another 10mins in the dressing room. When working with athletes like this speed, organization and experience is KEY!