Italian Feast for some large window banners

JOB: To photograph an Italian Feast for large window displays for the Italian Centre Shop


1. I was approached with the idea to photograph food for some large window displays. In conversation we decided we wanted to show a MASSIVE family feast in the photographs.

2. Next step was go get approval. Doing this concept meant we needed to use ALOT of food. And not cheap food. So once we shot it you really couldn’t re use alot of it. So the client had to be on board.

3. I wanted a rustic look to the images so we used an old table and a brick wall as a background.

4. I wanted warm organic tones in the series so I made sure that all the bowls etc had an organic feel to them. I also wasn’t going to be afraid of shadows on this shoot either… so deep tones were also very important for that rustic look.

5. We had to move fast to ensure everything looked fresh… Everyone from the stylist, art director, Kevan and myself. I didnt want things like the basil to wilt while I was fumbling around with lighting.