PC Party Alberta Premier Candidate Jim Prentice

JOB: To photograph a series of images for PC Party Alberta Premier candidate Jim Prentice that showed a different side of him.


1.The goal was to show Jim as who he is. So I had an Idea of setting up a portrait scenario where I would shoot Jim in the environment. This would have the feeling of hey here is Jim behind the scenes.

2.  We photographed Jim at the campaign release media event.

3.  I didn’t tell Jim too much about what we were doing because I didn’t want him to prep for the shoot. His media team just kind of brought him over and we had a conversation while we were shooting.

4. Some of the media made their way over and were lurking around… so I invited the CBC reporter and camera guys into the shoot… It was a real candid moment with formal portrait lighting. I loved it the just a position for this series.

5. Overall I love this series. I like Jim, he’s a good man, he allowed me control and trusted in me to capture a series that showed him in something more than a stuffy portrait setting.

6.I have photographed the past 3 Alberta Premiers… Jim may possibly be the fourth, as it turns out he was the most poised and relaxed of the bunch, a wonderful subject.