Avenue Top 40 Under – 40 DAY 2 AXED PICS

Day two was a rough one because I pushed the limits by booking 5 shoots that day. We have very little room for error. Kevan and I needed to be on our game for this one. It worked out, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this very often.


8 AM – Rona Fraser, President, Event Energy

We photographed Rona at an art gallery she fund raisers for. Naturally I decided to photograph her on some art pedestals. The pedestals gave shape and texture to the image.  I like the photograph but in hindsight its rather minimalist. It has little narrative compared to the photograph the magazine choose. I’m sure lack of narrative was the reason why this series was axed.

10 AM – Blair Lebsack, Chef/Owner, RGE RD

Blair’s restaurant RNG RD was a wonderful location to shoot in. I decided to shoot him in the kitchen in addition to photographing Blair in the main dining area (picture that was chosen). This kitchen shot was a little too posed for me but it gave the Art Department some options. In the end they axed the kitchen series because like me I am sure they thought it was a little too posy.

12PM – Don Berner, Freelance Musician

I shot Don at the a Jazz club called the Yardbird Suite. This was one of those locations where you look and say “Ok Art Department you are going to get one location because it just works”. I posed Don with his Sax looking at the camera and also shot him in a series where I had him playing. I really like the playing photographs but I am sure the reason this series got axed was because can’t really see his face. Had we been allowed more images in the story I am sure this image would have made the cut.


2PM – Nathin Bye, Corporate Chef/Partner, Wildflower Grill/Lazia/East

I photographed Nathin at his restaurant Wildflower. We shot a wonderful portrait of Nathan that had deep meaning and religious undertones. It ended up getting chosen. The image seen here was a second option where I shot Nathin in a relaxed pose in the restaurant. I shot it wide so you could see the the entire space as well as the huge wildflower art. I like this photo but I am certain it got axed because Nathin is too small in the frame.


4PM – Ben Weinlick, Founder, ThinkJar Collective

Ben’s location offered limited options to shoot. But the one option they had worked well. A wall of dozens of photographs pinned to wires. I shot one option of Ben sitting in a chair against the wall which ended up getting chosen. For an option I dragged a rather crappy looking lunch table in the picture and lit it to look like a reflective boardroom table. I like this photograph but it’s quite moody. I am certain that’s the reason it was axed.