Alexandra Couseau – Portrait Washington DC

JOB: To photograph Explorer, Filmmaker and conservationist Alexandra Cousteau who is the granddaughter of world famous French explorer and filmmaker Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau down by the river bank at Theodore Roosevelt Island


1. Alexandra travels from Germany to Washington DC for work, but connecting with her was a bit of a challenge. We ended up agreeing to shoot in Washington DC on a date when she was in town.

2. I have worked in DC several times so I knew I wanted to shoot Alexandra down by Theodore Roosevelt Island down by the water.

3. Alexandra gave me as much time as I needed but we ended up doing the shoot in about 45 mins. The only issue was the humidity. We shot this in July and mid summer heat and humidity was stifling.

4. She was such a charm to work with, absolutely stunning and a wonderful conversationalist.

5. I ended up shooting her with the elinchrom quadras with a large soft box. Pretty simple.


Alexandra Cousteau on rocks at the river bank at Theodore Roosevelt Island