Prince Edward Island – Department of Tourisim

JOB: To photograph a series of images for Prince Edward Island Department of Tourism and Culture.

Confederation Bridge in Prince Edward Island Canada


1. I always love working in Eastern Canada… in summer time. Between ages 6-8 I grew up in Shediac New Brunswick. So a little bit of my heart is still back east.

2. It baffles me why alot of ministries of tourism hire locals to shoot their images. Yes its cheaper, but locals tend to be jaded and lose sense of that outsiders perspective. I was lucky PEI decided to hire off the island.

3. PEI is known for its red sand and red rock, so naturally I wanted to show some of that in my images

4. The Confederation Bridge is an amazing site, so I made sure I got a smokin image of it for my collection.

5. I always try to incorporate some kind of local fare in my Tourism series. Lobsters were a must for this series.

6. PEI has some of the best sunsets I have ever seen in my life, so I shot a lot of images during golden hour.   Also when you run out of releases shooting silhouettes are a great way to incorporate people and not have them sign anything.

Local diving into the ocean at sunset