Edmonton Fire Exhibition

Hey Gang,

With the deal in place with Edmonton Fire, and the exhibit complete (or as complete as it will ever be, I am still going on a few ride alongs) we have a print release date in October 2010 at the Edmonton City Hall. The online version of the exhibit will be released at the same time at Photo EX www.photographyexhbition.net.

As a teaser I will be posting once a month a” preview” image on Photo EX until the print release date.

I am pretty excited for this exhibit, and I have to thank Tim Wilson of Edmonton Fire, who has basically been my biggest supporter and I guess you could say, “unofficial producer” of the exhibit. Please feel free to pass this blog around, I really cant wait for people to see check it out.

I feel this collection of images which I have been shooting since 2006 are even stronger than the images I captured when I went to Beijing in 2008 to photograph Canadian Olympic Taekwondo Team.