Photographing Paul Brown

Recently I have been getting into David Lachepelle’s work. It’s basically over the top scenarios, heavily styled stets and wardrobe all with a sexual overtone. He basically got Angelina Jolie to make out with a horse and Pam Anderson to pose with giant pig costume… you name it he has made the celeb do it…

I decided I was going to shoot something in his style… so I contacted Paul Brown an award winning morning radio host and (one of the only well known people in Alberta who would ever consider this crazy request).

I showed him Lachepelle’s work and said I want to do something off the wall… with him. “I like it, what about me posing with dead hookers in a beer cooler? He said. “Let me think about it” I responded. He was all in for whatever I wanted to do.

Next I asked Klyment Tan to come on board as lighting technical advisor, (considering I have never shot like this) he suggested using make up artist Nikolas from (an excellent choice)… finally the models we chose were Suzanne and Steph – natural picks who are confident and pros through and through (both Steph and Suzanne have been seen in the city in the Ranch billboard campaigns and Spasation campaigns.)… Suz brought on Brook (blond in chains). My main assistant Trevor and Natalie and Klyment’s guy Landon anchored the team.

I have to admit I was so amazed they all came on board. I mean what would you say if I said – “Hey I want to shoot Paul Brown wearing nothing but a robe in Rudolph slippers, with his dog in a beat to shit beer cooler with naked chicks wrapped in gold chains making out and another one posing with a golden pear, oh yeah and there will be a photo of Paul’s mom giving the finger in there too. …What do you say want in?”

This is not just my photograph, its a collaboration of the 10 people involved below. I am very happy to have worked with such a kick ass crew.

(left to right (Landon, Steph, Paul, Nat, Brooke, Trevor, Suzanne, Klyment, Nikolas and Me with the funny looking sleve 🙂 oh yeah the 4×5 camera and pauls dog Dexter )