Today was a good day.

Today I had a cancellation and re booked a shoot for a full day for a furniture manufacturer. Well it was actually for an agency, but you get the idea.

Usually I charge a cancellation fee, but in this case it was a welcome day off. I spent the first half catching up on processing.

One of the processing projects was from a really cool shoot for WEM (West Edmonton Mall) which included some cool brands Burberry, Fossil, Coach, Sephora and a few others.

Nat bailed me out by running around the city finding me a blown fuse for one of my Elinchrom 600 lights… (thankfully I had a backup) and a huge thanks to Pat and Nicole for doing the styling… without them I would have been lost.

The second half of my day was spent running around town with a quick stop to pick up a new GIJOE comic to which the cover art that was just sent to me from his agent.

Many of you know I collect original comic art, and lately I have been into an artist named Agustin Padilla. He’s a very talented artist and was just signed by IDW. The reason I mention the comic is because I always frame the art with the comic side by side.

If anyone is interested new comic covers (1-3 months old) typically sell on the open market for between $750 – $2500. Once the covers mature between 3-5 years if the artist is still going strong covers sell for around $1500-$4000. And anything 20 years or above you start to get into the $3,500 and up to about $10,000. If its a classic cover $30,000 or more is not unheard of.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

I am kind of fired up because I am shooting the Hall, Eberle and Paajarvi for the Edmonton Oilers for Rogers sports net tomorrow.