Working with Global Tv

If you’ve driven around Edmonton in the past few months, you’ve likely seen some of our work with Global Tv on one of the many digital billboard displays that distract us during our daily commutes and blind us at night when we’re driving for that late night coffee run. They’re perfectly safe though, so it’s okay to stare at them intensely. While you’re driving.

Working with the Global crew is honestly just awesome. There’s a very clear distinction between working with people in the industry who are new, or frankly, just not that good at what they do — versus working with a group of people that are 100% pros at what they do, which is what the Global crew is. And not just the anchors that we’re photographing; everyone there from the backstage crew to the marketing and management team are all spot on and on the plus side, just good people, so it makes for smooth photo shoots when everyone knows what they’re doing and maybe more importantly, why they’re doing it.

Plus their studios space that we get to shoot in is second to none. It’s enormous.

Global was kind of enough to send us a few of the print adverts they put together using our photographs so we wanted to share them.

Global Tv Portraits -- Advert

Global Tv Portraits — Advert

These are two different ads that I’ve mashed up into one image — the image on the right is a rendering by Global using photos we shot on a white backdrop so the people have been clipped out and stuck on the blue background image. Simple enough.

The second however was something we wanted to do a little differently. We did a full series of shots in this environment backstage using random things we found in the studio. Old lighting equipment, ladders, pelican cases, apple boxes, c-stands — anything we could get our hands that gave the shot some context. The background is actually just the large sliding metal door that splits one of the studios and the backstage loading dock/storage areas. I think the best part of this shot was how everyone reacted to it — they all loved it because it was something different and got them away from the typical white or green screen environments that they basically live in day to day when being filmed.


Global print advertisements.

One thing we noticed about all the big name Tv anchors that we’ve met over the past couple of years — be in in news or sports — is they’re all tall. Really tall.  That obvious fact really ruined any dreams Curtis or I may have held in our hearts to becoming top level news anchors. We’re just not that lucky. So we’ll just keep taking pictures of tall people while standing on our gear cases…