Construction — New YEG Arena

We do a lot of construction photography — but this one is rather special. There has always been a huge amount of argument over the new arena construction, but love it or hate it — the new arena district in downtown Edmonton is going to change a lot about how the core of the city looks and functions once it’s all finished. We think for the better. One thing we always notice on industrial or construction shoots is that there is almost always a collection of people who simply do not want to be photographed and we certainly respect that.

The new arena had a different vibe; everyone working in there seemed really excited and proud to be working on this project and wanted their photos taken.


Construction workers — YEG Arena District — Ice District

Unfortunately on this one — we weren’t able to show peoples faces, which is actually quite common in industrial work. They want people to show a sense of scale and that it’s an active work site, but they don’t want people to be identifiable for various reasons. One of the biggest challenges when shooting this kind of work are the safety concerns. You could potentially shoot the best image you’ve shot in months — but if there’s a single person doing something unsafe, or any kind obstruction that isn’t deemed safe, the photo will be tossed out…never to see the light of day. We try our best ahead of time and during the shoots to mitigate this, but sometimes it just is what it is.


Steel Beams of the new YEG Arena – ICE District


One thing construction work never has a shortage of — vertical lines. They make shooting (or editing) this kind of work a lot easier and makes for a much better shot from a realistic perspective. We’ll likely be posting more images from this project in the coming months when we’re able to.


Looking east over the new YEG Arena construction at ICE District.