Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 8 of 20 – Robin Mazumder

Subject – Robin Mazumder, Occupational Therapist, Alberta Health Services; Sessional Instructor, MacEwan University


Cover of the Magazine


Shoot Notes –

1. Robin was the last subject I shot for my 20 of 40 portraits.

2. He was a very nice guy and well dressed… especially for a 730am arrival time.

3. We photographed Robin at a public library… I wasn’t a fan of the location although in theory it sounded good in pre planning. We needed a cover option and the only real architectural feature that worked well as a background was a large pillar… but it have me zero room on the sides of him so I had to shoot tight.

4. Robin was actually chosen as the cover for the 2014 Top 40 under 40 issue. It wasn’t pre planned but just worked out that way. The bottom image was never used… but it shows the pillar I used as a background.

5. We shot the cover and insert in 50mins.

Robin Mazumder (2)_resize