Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 6 of 40 – David Jones

Subject – David Jones, Sergeant, Edmonton Police Service (works with children and victims of crime and abuse)

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Shoot Notes –

1. There are some people you photograph that make you (unintentionally question what you do for a living and what you contribute to the community). David is one of those people. He helps children who are victims of abuse… And I simply take photographs… Its an honor to photograph real heroes like him.

2. I wanted to shoot David in his uniform. He initially wasn’t sure of the idea because he do sent wear it all that often. But I pushed hard (which I normally don’t do) because I knew I wanted that air of authority, protection and awesomeness and the uniform communicated that.

3. When shooting a police officer they carry guns.. so I needed to be aware when photographing him that I wasn’t really showing that off but I didn’t want to hide it either… Which is why he is facing the way he is.

4. David works with project Zebra that is a Child Protective Center. When you walk in there is this GIANT painting of a Zebra. As soon as I saw it I was like “this is where we are shooting, it may not make sense, but trust me”

5. We shot this in 45mins.