Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 3 of 40 – Christine Dewitt

Subject – Christine Dewitt, Associate Lawyer at Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP

Christine Dewiit _2_resize

Shoot Notes –

1. The location “Kiss of Death” for an editorial shoot is always an office board room… but the “Kiss from an Angel” when your subjects has a theater or improv background.

2. When it came to shooting in Christine in her office board room normally I would have said no and we would have chosen a place a little more visually interesting. BUT  in my research I discovered Christine has a performing background so I felt confident she could bring life and energy to a boring office board room.

3. When we were setting up I knew right away Christine wasn’t a “stiff lawyer” so I went straight into asking her to get right up on the table. She agreed right away and gave me fantastic smiles conveying the energy I was hoping to get

4. The AD liked what we did and the narrative of the image so we didn’t do a second option.

5. I loved what she was wearing so again I elected to shoot wide and use the reflection on the table to enhance the image.

6. This shoot took 30mins.

Christine Dewiit _2_resize