Noralta Lodge, Supporting Athletes.

JOB: To photograph a series of ADs for Noralta lodge who are supporting athletes by providing them lodging during summer games in Northern Alberta.

Noralata lodge_3
Noralata lodge_4
Noralata lodge_1
Noralata lodge_2


  1. The creative was to have the employees “helping” out the athletes by “supporting” their sports.
  2. Obvious to make it believable we needed to source actual athletes to perform the actions.
  3. This was shot during the heart of winter so outside shooting wasn’t an option so we needed to source indoor locations.
  4. The shoot itself was all shot as is with the exception of the swimmer. We shot him diving of actual platforms and then shot a second slate of the employee acting as a platform.
  5. On the diving shot originally we had planned to use a female employee but I didn’t feel like a male jumping off the back of a female would send the right message. So we changed her for a guy.