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Top 40 under 40 – Shoot 2 of 40 – Dan Davidson

SUBJECT – Dan Davidson – Musician Tupelo Honey, Hive Productions Shoot Notes – 1. Dan is a singer and a music producer. I don’t shoot bands or album covers… I just don’t get that “band” or “musician” style of shooting… So when I selected Dan I was a little nervous to shoot with him. 2. […]

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Avenue Top 40 Under – 40 DAY 2 AXED PICS

Day two was a rough one because I pushed the limits by booking 5 shoots that day. We have very little room for error. Kevan and I needed to be on our game for this one. It worked out, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this very often.   8 AM – Rona Fraser, President, Event […]

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