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Photography in Vancouver by Curtis Comeau.

Bouygues – Vancouver BC

JOB – To photograph an engineer in Vancouver for the Bouygues annual report. Bouygues is an industrial group headquartered in Paris France that was founded in 1952   SHOOT NOTES. 1. I used to live in Paris in 2007 and ended up shooting a few jobs for Bouygues while I was there. When I came […]

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Bob Walker LEDCOR

JOB – Portraits for Alberta Contractor of the Year (2012) Bob Walker for LEDCOR for Alberta Venture Magazine. SHOOT NOTES – 1. We photographed Bob at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The AGA is a great place to shoot in Edmonton Alberta, but it’s used a lot. So one has to be careful about having […]

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Unconventional Panoramics – Vancouver

JOB – To photograph panoramic landscapes of Vancouver for McArthur Glen in London England. SHOOT NOTES – 1.  Shooting the skyline of Van is much more challenging that originally planned. It’s very difficult to find a location that will get you high up enough and have an unobstructed view of the entire city. 2. The […]

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Now and Then – Georgie Magazine

JOB – To photograph a lifestyle / fashion shoot of old guys with their vintage cars for Georgie Magazine called NOW AND THEN. ( SHOOT NOTES: 1. The past two shoots I have had with Georgie magazine have been co/shot with friend and photographer Ashley Champagne. Co-shooting is very rare amongst pros for many reasons. […]

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Joffrey Lupul on location at Mettera Hotel

JOB:  I was asked to photograph a casual portrait series of Joffrey Lupul who is a forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Twitter: @JLupul.  We shot the series at the upscale Mettera Hotel on trendy Whyte Avenue in Edmonton Alberta     SHOOT NOTES 1. The shoot was at 8am in the Mettera hotel. […]

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