Top 40 Under 40 – Shoot 17 of 20 – Arash Vahdaty

SUBJECT – Arash Vahdaty, President Modern Kitchens

Arash Vahdaty

Shoot Notes –

1. Google maps sent our creative team to a completely different area of the city for Arash’s shoot. So we were about 20mins late. Arash was a good sport and was patient while we set up.

2. We shot portraits in Arash’s factory… which may sound cool… but was a real challenge to shoot in because of the lack of interesting backgrounds.

3. We elected to create a wall of different cabinet finishing… We did this not so much for a strong narrative but more for geometric and linear interest.


Top 40 Under 40 – Shoot 16 of 20 – Naz Uppal

Subject- Naz Uppal, Radio Host, World FM

Naz Uppal

Shoot Notes –

1. Its a tad bit cliche to shoot a Radio Host in a radio booth… but I just figured it would work in this case.

2. Naz wore red… which is a difficultlycolor to pull off but I think she did it well.

3.  Radio booths are very dark and colorless… so I added a blue and purp;e gel in the background to ensure the room had a little “pop”

4. We shot this in 30mins.



Top 40 Under 40 – Shoot 15 of 20 – Adam Sweet

Subject – Adam Sweet, Senior Advisor to the President, Strategy & Policy at EEDC

Sample Process (7)_resize

Shoot Notes –

1. I love working with Adam. Again like Paul I have photographed him before. He is a real leader and a wonderful man.

2. I had an original idea of photographing Adam in the middle of the street… It worked well but I also needed a cover option for him as well. So right near by I found this golden 80s tile background beside an old elevator and figured…. “Hey what the hell I bet it would look good.” So photographed Adam against it.

3. The “golden” images worked so well my original idea was scrapped and the street images were never used.

4. We shot Adam in about 50mins.

unused image

unused image


Top 40 Under 40 – Shoot 14 of 20 – Paul Shufelt

Subject: Paul Shufelt, Award Winning Chef and Montreal Canadians Fan.

Sample Process (2)_4_resize

Shoot Notes:

1. I have actually been hired by Paul alot in the past to photograph the food at his restaurants. But this was the first time shooting him for a magazine.

2. I like working with Paul. He is all business and trusts me completely with what I suggest.

3. In this shot Paul had to pour whatever it was that made the flames… then pass off the bottle off to kevan on camera right and then pose before the flames went out.

4. Oh and I made him bring the pan close…. which you know… almost burnt his arm hairs.

5. We shot this in 20mins.

Top 40 Under 40 – Shoot 13 of 20 – Zorheh Saher

Subject: Zohreh Saher, President, InterVivos Mentorship Society of Alberta; Policy Analyst, Alberta Urban Municipalities Association

Sample Process (4)_resize

Shoot Notes:

1. Photographing environmental portraits of policy people and analysts for awards like Top 40 is always very challenging because its difficult to find a location that has a narrative for their career.

2. We had a long discussion about location but settled on a private art gallery for the shoot.

3. Rather than have a background with a strong narrative I decided to shoot Zohreh against a simple wall that had a strong visual components.

4. I lit her quite evenly and let the colors and lines speak in the photograph.