Instagram – Replacing the blog

Hey Everyone,

So if any of you have read my blog you will notice that my posting frequency is quite irregular. We often shoot 5-9 shoots a week. With post production, travel etc its alot to handle so often Blog posts falls behind.  Because of this I noticed that I only post about 1% of my jobs on here and I really don’t have a chance to connect with anyone via the blog.


So I have decided Instagram is the best tool for me to share, communicate and keep people up to date as to what is going on in my photography life. I also prefer Instagram because; One I can see what other people are up to. Two I can make new friends and Three I can gain inspiration for upcoming shoots.

The other day I had a food shoot for a National Magazine and I literally gained the inspiration for my image from a food post someone did at a restaurant.


If you want to see whats new with me shooting wise follow me in Instagram. – curtiscomeauphoto

I will keep posting on my blog but it will most likely bee a monthly recap of whats been going on.

Thanks for visiting.



Eveline Charles Academy Hair Shoot

JOB: To photograph a series of beauty shots for Eveline Charles Hair Academy



1. Eveline Charles is a line of Spas and Salons in Western Canada. They also have a beauty/hair academy to foster growth in the field of beauty, make up and hair.

2. This series was shot as a Fashion hair show that was held at the Academy.

3. We only had about 1hr to shoot all 8 models. I chose dark grey as a background so that the hair would pop out and stand on its own. The background is actually white… I just let the light fall off so it appears grey.

4. I used rangers on this shoot and shot tethered so the EC marketing could ensure they were happy with what was being produced.

5. Shooting beauty and hair is always fun, but the clients are always very particular, so patience and good post is needed.

6. The shot on white was my idea. No use per say, I just wanted to use a ring light and I loved the model. So I shot a few frames with a hard ring.

PC Party Alberta Premier Candidate Jim Prentice

JOB: To photograph a series of images for PC Party Alberta Premier candidate Jim Prentice that showed a different side of him.


1.The goal was to show Jim as who he is. So I had an Idea of setting up a portrait scenario where I would shoot Jim in the environment. This would have the feeling of hey here is Jim behind the scenes.

2.  We photographed Jim at the campaign release media event.

3.  I didn’t tell Jim too much about what we were doing because I didn’t want him to prep for the shoot. His media team just kind of brought him over and we had a conversation while we were shooting.

4. Some of the media made their way over and were lurking around… so I invited the CBC reporter and camera guys into the shoot… It was a real candid moment with formal portrait lighting. I loved it the just a position for this series.

5. Overall I love this series. I like Jim, he’s a good man, he allowed me control and trusted in me to capture a series that showed him in something more than a stuffy portrait setting.

6.I have photographed the past 3 Alberta Premiers… Jim may possibly be the fourth, as it turns out he was the most poised and relaxed of the bunch, a wonderful subject.

Popular Science Magazine – Editorial Assignment

JOB – To photograph an Inventor for Popular Science Magazine.


1. When a magazine like popular science comes calling you take a second to catch your breath and then realize no matter what the assignment you have to deliver on your final goods.

2. The inventor created battery powered 3-wheeled motorbike, It was kinda cool, but being a scientific illiterate means I had to rely on my subject to show me what was important detail wise.

3. It was very cold the day we shot. About  minus 3 Celsius. So my subject was wearing a bulky jacket. Bulk never looks good on camera. So it was very important for me to make sure the subject wasn’t wearing it. He agreed, but the only problem was that I had to shoot very quickly.

4. We shot this in the parking lot of a school on a weekend. I chose this location because the bike had to be somewhere with pavement, but I wanted the ability to work quickly in a wide open space.

Series of Lifestyle images for Alberta Tourism

JOB: To photograph a series of images for a farm table dinner Alberta Tourism



1. We shot this series in a farmer’s field in the middle of now where.

2. You can’t see it but there is a whole television crew behind me. They were shooting B-roll footage at the same time.

3. Because I was working with TV we had to ensure a working relationship that worked for both them and I. Fortunately the crew was Keen Eye. We have worked together a lot before so we had a good relationship.

4. Light and the clouds rolling in was a major issue. We shot this series between 6pm-9pm. So the sun was fading fast. I had to shoot some of it on 1600ISO to ensure a proper exposure.

5. When building this collection it was very much lifestyle. This suites me, but you need to make sure you work very fast. I had very little set up.

6. The only time I used light was on the shot where the chef is cutting food. For this shot I used one of the TV crews LED panels and bounced it back into the chef.